A large part of the street children live on the streets without their families. Some children come back their families after begging all day. Some children live on the streets at night because they are homeless they don’t know who are their parents. The procession of the homeless children expanded day by day. A part of them spend night on streets and footpath. All these disadvantaged street children some are sells flowers or newspaper and others begging front of hotels, rail stations, bus stops, launch terminals and busy roads. They catch around the leg of rich man with more supplication for some money. This street children are very familiar figure in cities. They are known as “Tokai” in our country.
Almost 6 million underprivileged, working and street children are lives in Bangladesh. City Corporation run free Birth registration program but these disadvantage children is out of the program. Government and international organization highlighted some child certificate but all ways these street children deprived from it. Shelterlessness, poverty and guardianlessness make them street children. In the reason they are growing with deprive and unsure life.

Every year children week performed in Bangladesh but street childrens can’t enjoy at last few developed life facilities. In this situation a question awake in our mind, why we celebrate children week without any improvement of street children?

We think government should take some steps for changing their life progress. On other hand many rich man can’t feel the sorrow of street childrens.

But we the general people feel pain always for them. We think we can’t huge but we can give up their mouth at last some certain good food? But in spite of our wanted we can’t that all time for our economic inability.

But we can take an initiative that’s we can gather 500, 1000 and more regularly and distributing a certain amount good food among at least 50 street children every day. If we start this project other people come forward for helpless children with us. We continue this project by our own economic support but it is not enough. We think somebody come forward with us we could give up good food on the mouth of helpless children regularly every day or every week.

Our plans:

Every day we go any rail-station with rice, mashed potatoes and pea which is suitable for helpless hungry Street children. Even some days have 1 peace meat or fish.

Our approximate food menu:
1. Rice, mashed potato, pea.
2. Rice, mashed potato, egg, pea.
3. Rice, chicken, lemon, pea.
4. Rice, eggs soup.
5. Rice, fish and vegetable or vegetable soup.
6. Egg-pilau one day in each week.

If all general people and rich man show a little sympathy and donate regular a certain amount donation for street children, it will be more comfortable for us to running this project [ A LITTLE LOVE❤ ]. If you agree with us please stretch out your hand for help. Help this street children regardless of any Religion/Clan/Nation.