Save Humanity, Save Environment keep before the slogan Universal Environmental Human Rights Foundation began its journey in 2007 As a non-profit and non-political charitable organization had appeared in bangladesh. Society Act, 1860, in favor of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh with valid authorization. [Gov.Reg. No: S-6846 (34) 2007]

Universal Environmental Human Rights Foundation aims for the betterment of the nation through catering the educational needs of children from socially and economically disadvantaged background and empowering the youths along with inspiring volunteerism in Bangladesh.

Our Vision & Mission
To create a society – free of exploitation, discrimination and violence, to enable it to reach its ultimate socioeconomic potential. To bring about substantial improvement in the lives of disadvantaged people/children with special emphasis on their education and nourishment.

Bangladesh is a darling child of nature. It has more naturals charming sight and more natural variety. The poet charmed and writ-

You don’t found a country like Bangladesh
It is the Queen of all countries in the world”

Since 16th December, 1971 borned our country. The north side the country is West bangle, Meghalaya, Asham .The East side has Asham, Trepura, mejoram, Barma(mayanmar). The South side has the bay of bangle and west side has west bangle. Bangladesh is on of the most delta in the world, more rivers flows over it.

Bangladesh is divided in 3 section one is the hills of Tertiary era , second section is staircase of playstosins era and recently flooded plain. The sierra of Chittagong and hill waterfall makes it more wonderful. But unfortunately this green and productive Bangladesh day by day lost her tradition and beauty.

Thousands of people lost their hearing power for high decibel sound. If we can’t control high sound like motor, industry and welding, after few days this land will be unsuitable for live. The black smoke of brick kiln increase environment pollution. The smoke of brick maker keep effect on corn and trees.

We lost fertilized land for brick kiln black smoke. Brick kiln produce carbon mono oxide which is dangerous for human bodies. More over our government has no spotted law as a result godfather destroy our forest and sundarban. So all people should come for make a pollution free country.

Mind it Human has rights on environment such as environment has right on Human too.

Side by side we should mind it that Bangladesh is poor country. The 80% people are lives under the red line of poverty. Bangladesh is a free, democratic and developing country in spite of some people has no permanent land, and home?

They see a dream of owned permanent house. They sleep under open sky, rail station, buses stops and street side with streets animals like dog. They are extremely poor so he can’t think sleeping without collecting their minimum food. Some time they eat as food who collected from dustbin some time they collect food from dog and crow by war. Every day we see the world history on TV, radio, and internet.

We see there are more poor people suffering highly neglected in the modern world. Its grow some question in our mind why man hold war among them?

After all man liable for this. Every time we destroy our humanity for our own self interest. We polluted natural environment without thinking our next generation. By the by Bangladesh will be fallen in to mouth of deep environment disaster.

People republic of Bangladesh government takes some suitable activities to free poverty and clean environment. But the government can’t able to solved this problem alone.

This time we some permanent and educated people created a permanent committee name “Universal Environment Human Rights Foundation. Under the organization we can ensure the five primary rights of all landless, disabled. Neglected and laboring peoples, that’s are Food, Cloth, shelter, education, and medical. More over its work for preventing environment pollution. Since 2007 to 2016 this charitable organization keep addition with environment movement and poor people alone and silent.

In the time of natural disaster this organization donate reliefs in many districts of Bangladesh. Beside it distributing child food and child cloth among, poor child at many slums in Dhaka.

Universal Environment Human Rights Foundation is always anti promoting organization. It is run by the help of the members of board of directors without any help of government, non government and foreign country.

The last time of 2018 Universal Environment Human Rights Foundation fall financial inability and a lack of government and non government help which is forced to take out to close its traditional activities.

However, it promoting different consciousness among people all time.

Finally in the mid of 2019 it added him with environment movement by calling an emergency meeting of the board of director of the organizations. As well as its work tirelessly for different welfare of the disadvantaged poor people.

One of the important projects named “A LITTLE LOVE”. The main goal of this projects are:-Arrange a project so that helpless hungry street children can eat at last 1 time 2 handful meals in each Day. Note any people can connect this project with any help if whether small or large.

11th July 2019 was the 12th Establishment Anniversary of this Organization, that day the board of directors published new and full constitution consent of the majority of the members.