The mission is to build a better home to ensure a better life for marginal farmers and forest dwellers. They live on the Sundarbans coast by promoting integrated farming and mangrove-based livelihoods as a nature-based solution.

Universal Environmental Human Right Foundation (UEHRF) is a non-profit and non-government organization based in Bangladesh. It is working to spread the message about the need for environmental conservation – to ensure the protection of biological diversity and ecological balance. Since the official formation of UEHRF in 1990, we have focused on generating knowledge amongst the wider community about how human activity can negatively impact on the environment of Bangladesh. UEHRF strives to improve the livelihoods, the socio-economic status, and simultaneously the environmental education of some of the most vulnerable communities in Bangladesh. UEHRF invests in the people to care for the environment by providing essential inputs and capacity building. As a pioneer organization to ban Plastic Bags in Bangladesh, we want to ensure self-reliant urban and rural communities who live in harmony with their healthy environment.

The mission of UEHRF is to promote and encourage an environmental movement through a participatory democratic framework involving diverse social groups, and to assist them with ideas, information, and leadership for promoting a safe, sustainable, and toxic-free world.