ONE HANDFUL MEAL Action against Hunger

One Handful Meal [ একমুঠো আহার ]




এই পাতাটি বাংলায় পড়তে এখানে ক্লিক করুন

The 95% people of Bangladesh are poor in the socio-economic sight.
Many service providers in the public and private sectors have been developed, but let’s not necessary.
The rate of expansion in services is growing but the hungry mouth increases in twice rate. Day by day increases benefit of some people but in the other side more people can’t fill up primary demand in spite of hard working. Even the greater number of people can’t eat well tow time. In this condition of Bangladesh we want to scrapping 1 time 1 handful meals on the mouth of helpless and foodless peoples. In this intention we want to take a project named “একমুঠো আহার (One handful meal)”. We can start this project from Dhaka, because the large number of homeless people live in Dhaka.

Our plans:

Every day we go any rail-station with rice, mashed potatoes and pea which is suitable for helpless hungry peoples. Even some days have 1 peace meat or fish.

Our approximate food menu:
1.     Rice, mashed potato, pea.
2.     Rice, mashed potato, egg, pea.
3.     Rice, chicken, lemon, pea.
4.     Rice, eggs soup.
5.     Rice, fish and vegetable or vegetable soup.
6.     Egg-pilau one day in each week.

we have no help of government or foreign so we could not stop our activities in mid way for economic problem. Our organization “UNIVERSAL ENVIRONMENTAL HUMAN RIGHTS FOUNDATON” began its journey in 2007 As a non-profit and non-political charitable organization had appeared in Bangladesh. Society Act, 1860, in favor of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh with valid authorization.
[Charity Reg. No: S-6846 (34) 2007] 🇧🇩

By the way, Our root target is work for closing environment pollution side by side we work for developing helpless people in Bangladesh. “UNIVERSAL ENVIRONMENTAL HUMAN RIGHTS FOUNDATON ” was all ways anti promoting organization. Olden 8/9 years this organization run by board of directors, without any help of government, non-government or foreign country. Since 2007 to 2016 this charitable organization keep addition with environment movement and poor people alone and silent. In the time of natural disaster this organization donates reliefs in many districts of Bangladesh. Beside it distributing child food and child cloth among, poor child at many slums in Dhaka. Recently we start একমুঠো আহার (One handful meal). but we can’t bear to this project cost alone. We repeat the reason again, That we have no domestic or foreign donation.

We can’t stop this project after starting it. So need some help of some Kindness white mind people who live in Bangladesh or out of Bangladesh.

We don’t have lots of money but have a mind will power by which we try to bring smile to the faces of the helpless. You can also try and make the distressed people happy which can’t be compared to anything.

O enlightened people! Please respond.
We are waiting for your respond. Foodless people beckon you with more hope.
Please donate! Be a social worker. Help the world. Help the poor hungry people.
May Allah bless us all. Thank You.

You can send your donation with this way, please see the information given below:

Bank account of the organization:
A/C NO: 164.110.29554 (Current account)
ROUTING NO: 090263136


All big and few donations we accept with more modesty and respects.

All Contact:  📧

NB: After sending your donations please inbox or post a comment in the Facebook event page. You can post your comment in our Facebook event page for our Transparency