📜 Personal message from Founder President

Welcome to “Universal Environmental Human Rights Foundation”. During my early age, I have realized the helplessness of people. It is not very difficult matter to realize it that how helpless people are to themselves. On the ways of different countries of the present world, we can see – how suffer & helpless people are now. Yet, if the rich took care the poor, it would not become this situation.

Nevertheless, some rich, who donate for mankind, provably they give donation to wrong media or to a NGO. It is my question to them that don’t you know that NGOs are doing business in different countries naming serving society or people. Their main target is business, how can they serve people. Have you appreciated who are working for people & who are doing business for income ?

As a result, poor are become poorer. But you donate for poor, think what a hypocrisy.

I think, serving is the main religion of people. And who wish to be a social worker, please don’t do any business using donation. It is the asset of poor. Then the world will become peaceful.

We don’t have lots of money but have a mind will power by which we try to bring smile to the faces of the helpless. You can also try and make the distressed people happy which can’t be compared to anything.

At the end, “Universal Environmental Human Rights Foundation” is yours. You can change the world with it. Please donate. Be a social worker. Help the world. Help the poor people. Your donation can make a huge difference to someone’s life and will be a nudge forward for them. Be it a small amount or a large one, your donation has the power to bring change in the society. May Allah bless us all.

Thank You. 

S I Khan Eusufzai
Founder President